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Written By: evan on January 7, 2014 No Comment

DbN take old cassette tapes found on flea markets and thrift stores and use them as raw material in fully live improvised electronic music performances. The found tapes are sampled, manipulated, processed and ”physically played” using granular synthesis and other techniques, to create obscure rhythmical structures, noises and drones. For each and every concert DbN […]

Written By: evan on October 15, 2013 No Comment

At MUME 2013 this weekend I had the opportunity to hear Al Bile’s GenJam. GenJam is a jazz improviser that improvises using genetic algorithms. In his TED Talk he performs with the system and explains its inner workings.


Written By: evan on July 30, 2011 No Comment

The Pencil Project is a unique initiative that introduces children to an electroacoustic performance. On stage, two performers create a symphonic universe by manipulating the live sounds created by everyday objects found in a classroom. A pencil transforms into a magic wand, and a rubber band becomes a violin. The production will engage, surprise and […]

Written By: evan on July 15, 2011 No Comment

A performance (by the composer) of Texturologie 9: Phacelia (2010) for computer music controlled by Wii Remote. The music is generated by a program made with Max/MSP. Take a look at Texturolgie 8b: Hyperbell (2009) and the explanation of the two Texturologie pieces for Wii Remote. Recorded at Western Illinois University. [1]

Written By: evan on July 15, 2011 No Comment

Performed by Robert Hoit in the IV Festival de Musica Contemporanae in April 2011. This piece uses MAX/MSP to perform a series of loops of differing lengths. In the performance there were several minor problems. [1]

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