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An interactive audiovisual feedback loop forms the basis of All Hail the Dawn. The instrument contains two simple light-sensitive oscillators. A crude spectral analysis in Max/MSP is used to filter the oscillators as well as looped buffers recorded from the instrument. A matrix of the spectral analysis, interactively altered in Jitter using audio data, is […]

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Performed by Robert Hoit in the IV Festival de Musica Contemporanae in April 2011. This piece uses MAX/MSP to perform a series of loops of differing lengths. In the performance there were several minor problems. [1]

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The Bends Collective was born out of a 10 week project in early 2011 as part of the Sound Design MSc at The University of Edinburgh.

The project focussed on circuit bending, and hardware hacking. The group learned how to modify various electronic devices ranging from cheap kids toys to a Nintendo Entertainment System. With their […]

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Performance by Caitlin Cassidy – Mezzo-Soprano and Decibel (cat hope – fl/a.fl, lindsay vickery cl/b.cl, tristen parr – vcl, stuart james – kbd and malcolm riddoch – MAX/MSP). photos lisa businovski. Live recording from the back of the hall at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts (remixed by Malcolm Riddoch).

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I’ve created my own system based on WII remotes, Max Msp, Osculator and FM8 in order to translate my drawings into Sound, every line or shape has its own frequency, I believe that, the power of thinking contains a lot of visuals, music, motion and much more in it,
on this performance I’ve been trying to […]

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flute by Ann Adachi. electronic processing in Max/MSP/Jitter by Nick Lesley [1]

Apparently, that’s all we need to know!

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No description on this one, but it comes from composer Robert Lunn.

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