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Category: Recording

Listening to Light

Eric Archer presents an interesting drive around New York City, where light is being translated into sound.

Here are some experimental recordings I’ve made with the Lumicon sound camera, which detects modulated light and transforms it to analog audio. I’m having a great deal of fun exploring the city with this device. Its like eavesdropping on a world of sounds that were never intended to be heard.


Brian Viglione’s “Found” Drum Kit

Brian Viglione just posted a pair of videos showing off the drum kit he created for use in Trent Reznor’s Ghosts album. Apparently, the pair wanted to see what sort of rhythm section they could create from scratch in a single day.

I showed up at Trent’s house for the first day of recording and said he thought a “fun art project for the day” would be to have me build a drum kit out of found objects and whatever I could piece together that afternoon and then improvise on it that night. I spent the afternoon on the hunt and put it all together that evening.
When it was all ready, he gave me the headphones and a tempo to follow, and said, “just play what comes to you…” [1]

The next day after recording, I came into the mixing room to find Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder integrating the drum parts I played the night before into one of the songs for the album, backed by a total wall of noise recorded before hand by Adrian Belew. [1]


[1] Brian Viglione’s Youtube page

Music From a Tree

It’s always fun to hear a musician use a unique sound source. Diego Stocco has managed to create a bevy of interesting sounds from a tree in his yard.

In the garden of my house there’s a tree with lots of randomly grown twigs. It looks odd and nice at the same time. One day I asked myself if I could create a piece of music with it.

To tune the tree I picked a fundamental note and tuned the twigs by trimming them with a pencil sharpener. I used two Røde NT6 and a NTG-2 as microphones, combined with a customized stethoscope.

I recorded the tracks live on a Pro Tools LE system. I didn’t use any synthesizer or sampler to create or modify the sounds. All the sounds come from playing the tree, by bowing the twigs, shaking the leaves, playing rhythms on the cortex and so on.