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September 2011

Written By: evan on September 28, 2011 No Comment

Full-length video documentation of audiovisual live improvisation performance at CAMP Festival for Visual Music, HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany, 24 September 2011. [1]

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Written By: evan on September 19, 2011 3 Comments
“Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial” Introduces Sound Art Creation In Processing

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering Oliver Bown’s wonderful sound art library, Beads. Beads is a library for creating and analyzing audio in Processing or Java, and it is head-and-shoulders above the other sound libraries that are available for Processing. From the ground up, Beads is made for musicians […]

Written By: evan on September 3, 2011 No Comment

BeatMe is a solo performance with video projection, sound and double bass.
The video/sound/Text is handled with Max/MSP, triggered by a midi-foot switch, giving the control of what is happening while playing the music.

Thinking about the relation of music and moving images gave me the idea of bending the codes of composition for visuals and music […]

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