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Category: New Music

Interview with Adam Scott Neal

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Adam Scott Neal about his new CD, Parallel Lives. Neal is one of the most visible young composers in the computer music scene. His work has been performed at many conferences and concerts, and he can be heard at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium that occurs August 6 – 9.

Adam Scott Neal Contemplating a Mix
Adam Scott Neal Contemplating a Mix

In this interview, we talk about how the theme for this album just arose naturally, and how he plays off listener expectations in his music.

Listen to my interview with composer Adam Scott Neal

Baffin Bay by Adam Scott Neal

Adam Scott Neal recently sent me an email about his latest release, Parallel Lives. Neal is one of the few young composers who has really made his presence felt in the recent computer music scene. In his latest release, he continues to show why his music is performed so often.

Baffin Bay is one of the highlights from Parallel Lives.

The program notes on Baffin Bay:

BAFFIN BAY is a body of water between Greenland and Baffin Island, Canada. Near the Arctic Ocean, it is a cold, forbidding, but beautiful place. I have never visited, but I have long been fascinated by the arctic seascape and its indigenous wildlife. This relaxed and contemplative work was written for laptop quartet, and each player is assigned two instruments for a total of eight unique instruments. The form is based around four quartets featuring different combinations of these instruments, as well as duos and trios building up to and receding from these quartets. The players improvise within a structure that determines who will play at a given time, and what pitches will be present at that time.

This version was performed and edited by myself, and can be heard on my new album PARALLEL LIVES. This video features some related computer paintings, which I made with ArtRage.

Later this week, I’m going to get Adam on the phone to discuss his new music.