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I couldn’t find any information about this one, or the artist who made it.

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The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. For our work we asked a dancer to visualize a musical piece (Kreukeltape by Machinenfabriek) as closely as possible by movements of her body. She was recorded by three depth […]

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LRM Performance is an interdisciplinary collective – group, or company if you prefer – seeking to breach borders between art disciplines. Created by composer David Aladro-Vico and plastic artist Berta Delgado, their lineup is variable including performers from mixed disciplines. Their works are live visual, auditive and movement creations, usually non-narrative or abstract. […]

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Fieldwork is a software environment for improvised performance with electronic sound and animation. Two musicians’ sounding performances are fed into the system, and analyzed for pitch, rhythm, and timbral change. When the software recognizes a sharp contrast in one performer’s textures or gestures, it reflects this change by transforming the sound of the other musician’s […]

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Interview with Viznut, Creator of Minimal Art Platform IBNIZ

Recently, this video of IBNIZ in action made its way around the electronic music blogosphere. IBNIZ is an extremely enigmatic art platform. It’s not necessarily easy, or pretty, or even broadly useful. IBNIZ is uniquely targeted at a small coterie of artists with specific aesthetic goals. I had the opportunity to […]

Written By: evan on January 7, 2012 One Comment

Letting It Go To Voicemail is about communication anxiety. It’s about the stress that builds up when we think about our inbox or our voicemail. It’s about the overwhelming crush of communication that comes our way each week, and how it impacts us mentally.

Letting It Go To Voicemail is hyper-minimal in construction, consisting of only […]

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Rendering video in Processing is easy. The MovieMaker class makes it incredibly easy to render Quicktime video files from a Processing sketch. Unfortunately, Processing doesn’t supply tools for rendering audio using the MovieMaker class. Hence, rendering the output from a multimedia program can really be a headache.

I’ve spent a lot of time working […]

Written By: evan on November 9, 2011 No Comment

This is a preview of a video that is apparently being released in 2012. It is probably the most compelling “preview” that I have ever seen. The contrast of diagetic/nondiagetic sound with narrative/non-narrative film is really interesting. I can’t wait to see what the full production looks like.

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