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Written By: evan on November 11, 2011 No Comment

[Turntables is] an interactive sculpture/instrument using 2 found turntables, 10 servo motors controlled by an arduino mega and an ultrasonic distance sensor. Attached to the motors are percussion instruments made of simple materials that are struck by a rotating stick. The position of the instruments and the needles on the modified records are determined by […]

Written By: evan on June 10, 2011 No Comment

First documentation for the multimedia installation to be presented in the VBrasil Festival (festivalvisualbrasil.com/​), next july in Barcelona. Sounds and graphics by PirarucuDuo, using Pure Data and it’s plugin Gem. [1]

PirarucuDuo is a brazilian artistic partnership between Fernando Visockis and Thiago Parizi, based in São Paulo and Barcelona. Has been working with soundart […]

Written By: evan on April 18, 2011 No Comment

Presented on triple screens and on a series of CRT televisions, Tvestroy is an experimentation with the links between image and sound materials, leveraging all of their potential “drasticality.” Generated from the same source, sounds and images are not only in synch — they emerge concurrently. The sound IS the image. Hypnotic and heady, this […]

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Written By: evan on March 21, 2011 No Comment

documentation of the interactive part of the installation light space modulator at neue nationalgalerie in berlin.
a musical motion tracking system created with max/msp, jitter and max for live. [1]

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Written By: evan on March 15, 2011 No Comment

True Value (paint fukette) – kinetic sound installation by David Ellis with composition by Roberto Carlos Lange. Presented by Joshua Liner Gallery, PULSE contemporary art fair, IMPULSE section, New York, March 2011.

Written By: evan on August 31, 2010 No Comment

Flicker is an immersive electronic environment of generative image and sound. A collaborative work with Oliver Bown. Based on biological models of firefly behaviour, Flicker generates an ever shifting rhythmic, meditative environment to the viewer.
Flicker uses 4 channels of synchronised high definition video and 8 channels of sound to immerse the viewer in a phenomenologically […]

Written By: evan on August 18, 2010 One Comment

Instrument for Unsent Letters is a sound installation that addresses issues concerning the convergence of privacy, social networking and space awareness. Unsent letters from strangers are collected through a blog where people write entries dedicated to someone in an anonymous way. They are then published in the form of audio clips as part […]

Written By: evan on August 12, 2010 No Comment

Installation by Kathy Hinde and Maja Ratkje shown at Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 27th March 2010.
Kathy Hinde has animated delicate origami Cranes using small motors. They fly to a soundtrack by Norwegian composer Maja Ratkje. The speed of their flight, and the intensity of the overlaying crane sounds is controlled by data that represents their annual […]

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