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Written By: evan on May 14, 2013 No Comment

In this video, a youtube user sonifies various sorting algorithms which are often used in computer programs.

This particular audibilization is just one of many ways to generate sound from running sorting algorithms. Here on every comparison of two numbers (elements) I play (mixing) sin waves with frequencies modulated by values of these numbers. There are […]

Written By: evan on August 25, 2010 No Comment

Slow-Fi is a generative self correcting audio/visual environment. Original concept and software by Jason Soares 2004. Modified in 2009 by Jason Soares & JFRE Coad. Download for Mac/PC. Slow-Fi EP release August 24th, 2010 on imputor? Records.

Once running, the emitter (pulsing circle) will launch hexagon shapes from itself. These hexagons […]

Written By: evan on July 5, 2010 No Comment

This prototype interface was specifically designed to be used by multiple users at once, which is an interesting implication of multi-touch interfaces.

Initially based on only mouse and keyboard interaction and single-user oriented interaction paradigms, it now provides multi-user oriented alternative interaction methods thanks to the rapid improvements in technology. However, the technology providing the user […]

Written By: evan on June 30, 2010 No Comment

In the latest issue of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s online journal, eContact, Dylan Menzies unveils the O-Bow. The O-Bow uses an optical flow sensor, like the one on the bottom of your mouse, to sense speed, direction and angle of motion.

The O-Bow is a bow controller consisting of an optical flow sensor […]

Written By: evan on June 24, 2010 No Comment

Today The Guardian brings us details on Michael Zev Gordon’s new piece, Allele. The piece uses the human genome as source material and is being debuted on July 9.

It’s been a delicate path to tread, and my approach has been shaped by seeing genes as simultaneously physical matter and things of extraordinary wonder. Humans […]

Written By: evan on June 17, 2010 No Comment

Eric Archer presents an interesting drive around New York City, where light is being translated into sound.

Here are some experimental recordings I’ve made with the Lumicon sound camera, which detects modulated light and transforms it to analog audio. I’m having a great deal of fun exploring the city with this device. Its like eavesdropping […]

Written By: evan on June 11, 2010 No Comment

Last month, we discovered Milton Garces’ Volcano Music, and now Micah Frank brings us another geological music project: Tectonic. This one utilizes real-time processing of xml feeds of earthquake data to generate a sonic quake landscape.

Tectonic is a sound sculpture created in real time by earthquakes as they occur across the globe. A […]

Written By: evan on June 7, 2010 No Comment

Alfred Duarte brings us another beautiful “wiimote instrument.” This one is built using Sony’s gesture controller, but the basic gestural control remains the same. In fact, this particular instrument bears a striking resemblance to gestural instruments from the 1980s, in the way that the distance between the two controllers acts as a sound parameter. […]

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