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Circuit Bending

Written By: evan on June 30, 2012 No Comment

I couldn’t find any information about this one, or the artist who made it.

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An unfinished project from 2004, I got it working again recently. A matrix of switches are wired directly to the anti-shock mechanism, causing all sorts of glorious noise…

via immanent discursivity

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The Bends Collective was born out of a 10 week project in early 2011 as part of the Sound Design MSc at The University of Edinburgh.

The project focussed on circuit bending, and hardware hacking. The group learned how to modify various electronic devices ranging from cheap kids toys to a Nintendo Entertainment System. With their […]

Written By: evan on April 18, 2011 No Comment

Presented on triple screens and on a series of CRT televisions, Tvestroy is an experimentation with the links between image and sound materials, leveraging all of their potential “drasticality.” Generated from the same source, sounds and images are not only in synch — they emerge concurrently. The sound IS the image. Hypnotic and heady, this […]

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Written By: evan on June 21, 2010 No Comment

Electronic musical instrument guru Tim Kaiser hardly needs an introduction. Since he began posting his homemade instruments, he has been a popular feature on the electronic music blogs. Here he is performing live in Cincinnati last December.

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