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Written By: evan on January 2, 2012 No Comment
Book Review – The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music

In December of 2011, Backbeat Books published The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music, a compendium of articles from Keyboard Magazine and its sister publication, Remix Magazine. The 229-page book was assembled by Peter Kirn, and collects articles published in those magazines between 1982 and 2010. The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music […]

Written By: evan on September 19, 2011 3 Comments
“Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial” Introduces Sound Art Creation In Processing

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering Oliver Bown’s wonderful sound art library, Beads. Beads is a library for creating and analyzing audio in Processing or Java, and it is head-and-shoulders above the other sound libraries that are available for Processing. From the ground up, Beads is made for musicians […]

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