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Beat Me by Oliver Szymczak

BeatMe is a solo performance with video projection, sound and double bass.
The video/sound/Text is handled with Max/MSP, triggered by a midi-foot switch, giving the control of what is happening while playing the music.

Thinking about the relation of music and moving images gave me the idea of bending the codes of composition for visuals and music a little, changing the rules of narratives to repetition and variation, bringing them closer, making the images dance and give the music a different sense. It is all about perception, thinking and emotions. We have ideas and a feeling about ourselves in the world and all that relations inbetween. All that processes that determine who we think we are and how we feel about that. We live in an optical and sound situation.

Seeing and hearing through the things.
What you see is not what is there. Don’t misunderstand. What you see is what your neuro-circuits are allowing you to see. Waves and particles of molecularities hitting on your sensory system recalling/actualizing knowledge bases built up in the past and you are using them to look into the future, forgetting about the moment. Can this be correct?
The things you see are always representations of yourself. And you are ab/using them to reflect yourself, to tell to yourself what you dis/like about yourself. The world as you see it is nothing more than a mirror, reflecting back your desires and your fears.

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