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Month: July 2011

The Pencil Project

The Pencil Project is a unique initiative that introduces children to an electroacoustic performance. On stage, two performers create a symphonic universe by manipulating the live sounds created by everyday objects found in a classroom. A pencil transforms into a magic wand, and a rubber band becomes a violin. The production will engage, surprise and inspire audiences!

Camera and Editing Eve LeClair. Musicians Yann Godbout and Guillaume Lévesque. [1]

Shades Of by Burton Beerman

performance is on a faculty composers concert at bowling green state university, november 12, 1991. burton beerman-composer/clarinetist. celesta haraszti-choreographer/dancer. [1]

Texturologie 9: Phacelia by James Caldwell

A performance (by the composer) of Texturologie 9: Phacelia (2010) for computer music controlled by Wii Remote. The music is generated by a program made with Max/MSP. Take a look at Texturolgie 8b: Hyperbell (2009) and the explanation of the two Texturologie pieces for Wii Remote. Recorded at Western Illinois University. [1]

Stockhausen’s Solo Performed by Robert Hoit

Performed by Robert Hoit in the IV Festival de Musica Contemporanae in April 2011. This piece uses MAX/MSP to perform a series of loops of differing lengths. In the performance there were several minor problems. [1]