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April 2011

Written By: evan on April 27, 2011 No Comment

The Bends Collective was born out of a 10 week project in early 2011 as part of the Sound Design MSc at The University of Edinburgh.

The project focussed on circuit bending, and hardware hacking. The group learned how to modify various electronic devices ranging from cheap kids toys to a Nintendo Entertainment System. With their […]

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In 1957 … the first computer-generated sounds were heard at Bell Telephone Laboratories (or Bell Labs, as it was called) in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Max Mathews had joined the acoustic research department at Bell Labs to develop computer equipment to study telephones. With the aim of using listening tests to judge the quality of […]

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Presented on triple screens and on a series of CRT televisions, Tvestroy is an experimentation with the links between image and sound materials, leveraging all of their potential “drasticality.” Generated from the same source, sounds and images are not only in synch — they emerge concurrently. The sound IS the image. Hypnotic and heady, this […]

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Over at CDM, there’s a great interview with the creators of Sword & Sorcery, an ambient music game for the iPad. The game combines minimalist gameplay with tightly integrated sound and music. It draws heavily on nostalgia, employing sounds and visuals that are very reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda and Castlevania […]

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Konstruct is an investigation into Generative Art in an Augmented Reality environment. It is a sound reactive AR experience for the iPhone that allows the user to create a virtual sculpture by speaking, whistling or blowing into the device’s microphone. A variety of 3D shapes, colour palettes and settings can be combined to build an […]

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Performance by Caitlin Cassidy – Mezzo-Soprano and Decibel (cat hope – fl/a.fl, lindsay vickery cl/b.cl, tristen parr – vcl, stuart james – kbd and malcolm riddoch – MAX/MSP). photos lisa businovski. Live recording from the back of the hall at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts (remixed by Malcolm Riddoch).

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Written By: evan on April 9, 2011 No Comment

realtime generated with Max/MSP/Jitter. point tracking prepared with syntheyes. sound track from “Invisible Landscape …” music: mergrim visuals: Masato Tsutsui. [1]


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