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Live Animated Orchestra

Live performance of the Live Animated Orchestra recorded in April, 2009 in Paris. Based on the story of the Queen of Sheba, Makeda vs. Salomon is an experimental animated movie specially created for the music set of Arat Kilo (an ethiopian jazz band). It was originally performed in the parisian Art Gallery “Espace Brochage Express”.

The Live Animated Orchestra was originally formed in August 2008 to create the “Tattoo me!” performance (coming soon). While developping this project, It appeared very shortly that vjing was a great field of experiment for the trio. It is called Orchestra, because like musicians, the performers always have to improvise and play with their own feelings and hearts to achieve the impredicitible challenge of creating a live animated shortfilm.

Live Animated Orchestra is: Marie Anne Bacquet, Stephanie Cadoret and Aurelia Vuillermoz
Based on a MAx/msp patch created by Stephanie Cadoret [1]

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