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Final Notes on SEAMUS 2009

50th Anniversary of UofI Experimental Music Studios

At the end of his presentation on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios, Scott Wyatt handed out a 4-CD set of music produced in the studios. It’s a pretty comprehensive collection, containing tracks from composers like Lejaren Hiller, Herbert Brun, Sever Tipei and Scott Wyatt. But it also contains some nice gems from composers who I was only vaguely familiar with.

The 4-CD set is certainly one of the nicest freebies that I’ve ever gotten at one of these conferences.

The 4-CD set handed out by Scott Wyatt
The 4-CD set handed out by Scott Wyatt

More Coverage of SEAMUS 2009 on Other Blogs

Nathan Edwards, one of my travelling companions, has posted some nice pictures and blog posts about the conference.

Asymmetry Music Magazine just posted a rundown of last year’s conference, and I know that they will be posting a review of this year’s conference shortly.

The SEAMUS 2009 Program

If you’re still curious about what you missed, you can get the SEAMUS 2009 program from the Sweetwater site. It’s worth browsing, just to get an overview of the music that was presented.

Later this week I will be posting a few final links related to the music at SEAMUS, if I can manage to track down a few more recordings.

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