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WOUWHI Dance Interface

At the 2pm paper session today, we heard from Dr. Joseph Harchanko, who presented a pretty impressive system for translating dance into music and video control data. The system is called WOUWHI.

wouwhi dance interface

The Western Oregon Wireless Human Interface, or WOUWHI … is an expressive wireless interface system designed for real-time creation of computer music and manipulation of video data. It was designed and built in collaboration between Scott Morse, … Joseph Harchanko, … and Sharon Oberst … The WOUWHI allows for expanded freedom in the temporal decisions of the performer. It allows for more spatial freedom than previous systems by means of the wireless connection between the performer and the computer. It is an ideal system for concert performance, choreographed dance, and installations involving real-time computer audio and video.

The notes don’t do it justice though. See it in action on the WOU website, or listen to Nadantha, a piece generated using the WOUWHI system.

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