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David Morneau on 60×365

At EMM, David Morneau presented a mix of 10 pieces called 60×365. Inspired by 60×60, Morneau wrote a 60 second piece every day for a year. The mix at EMM presented 10 selections from the year.

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Program notes:

Ten Minutes from 60×365
by David Morneau

The ten short pieces that constitute this collection are all drawn from my year-long podcast project, 60×365. For this project I am composing a new one-minute piece every day for a year. This began in July of 2007 and will conclude at the end of June, 2008. I am using 60×365 to explore a wide variety of musical styles and techniques, including musique concrete, sine wave synthesis, digital sampling, 8-bit constructions, process music, acousmatic composition, and post-techno beat manipulations. Each daily post brings something new and different, a constant variety. The daily deadline means the works sometimes lose their preciousness as they become explorations in process and method – with form or audience – as much as they are works of art. These ten pieces provide an overview of the entire project while maintaining coherence as a set. Individually they are: 60×365, Techno~Redux, Banwasjum, Organic, Loose Change, Scrub, Guitar Dream, Say What?, Rush, and String Cheese.

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