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Madelyn Byrne on Arrival

At the 10am concert on October 18th, Madelyn Byrne was at EMM presenting a piece titled Arrival.

Program notes:

Arrival (mp3 is an excerpt)

by Madelyn Byrne

In this piece, travel serves as a metaphor for self-deiscovery, or its opposite – distraction. The sounds of travel and introspection, including traffic, trains, planes, breath, rain, and voice, are juxtaposed and eventually integrated. This piece explores the ongoing and multifaceted process of self-discovery and living with integrity. The song-like theme of Arrival is explored in four sections. Section A is introspective, section B makes use of homeland security announcements as a metaphor for manufactured fear; C is a peaceful resolution to the previous sections, and D is an optimistic projection forward. Arrival is scheduled to be released by Everglade Records on their forthcoming SoundingOut DVD.

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More of Madelyn’s work can be found at

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