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Electronic Music Midwest Starts Today

The first concert in Electronic Music Midwest 2008 is scheduled for tonight at 7:30pm at Lewis University. Here’s the lineup:

Circadian Rhythm – Tsai-yun Huang
What Exit: “I rejoice at the sight of her…” – Marita Bolles
Tensile Strength – Kyong Mee Choi and Timothy Ernest Johnson
Lines 1 – Kirsten Broberg and Sarah Carlson, Video
Prelude to You Brought This on Yourself – Mike McFerron
“artists go from unknown to mainstream overnight” – Julia Miller and Eric Gelehrter
Resonance – Taylor Briggs
HARDCORE – Christopher Preissing

It looks like a very interesting show, and a very interesting weekend. If you are in the Chicago area, then you should definitely think about driving over to Lewis U at some point during the festivities.

I will have more from EMM as the events take place.

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